Top singer Janet really delighted with her ‘Last Singer Standing’ experience
Janet Grogan – so much fun

Top singer Janet really delighted with her ‘Last Singer Standing’ experience

SINGER Janet Grogan, who made it to the final of RTÉ’s music-based game show ‘Last Singer Standing’ last weekend described her experience on the show as a positive one, and added that she is looking forward to continuing to develop her music career, reports Aideen O’Flaherty.

Kingswood woman Janet, 33, performed four times over the course of the series, and in the final last Saturday she gave a stirring rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’.

While Cork singer Patrick O’Sullivan ultimately won the competition and netted the €25,000 prize money, Janet, who also competed on ‘The X Factor’ in 2016, still enjoyed the experience overall.

“Everybody on the show got on really well and it was so much fun,” she told The Echo. “We weren’t that competitive.

“With two years of Covid, we had all stopped gigging, but on ‘Last Singer Standing’ it was like we were gigging again, just in an unusual format.”

Reflecting on her performance in the final, where she performed in front of the show’s ‘pop panel’ consisting of Samantha Mumba, Nadine Coyle and NSYNC’s Joey Fatone, Janet said that she felt ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ might not have been the right choice, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

“I think I probably sang the wrong song in the final,” said Janet. “But whenever I gig, I do that song and people love it.

“I was thinking of the people at home and wanting them to have a good time, instead of thinking of the €25,000.”

Janet praised Patrick O’Sullivan’s performance at the final and said he deservedly won the show. She added that she’s excited to continue performing and developing her music career going forward.

“After the final, I left the studio knowing that I’d done four performances on the show that I was delighted with, and I got to show off a bit of my personality.

“There was a bit of a come-down after the show was recorded, but it was offset by the fact that I knew it would be on TV in the coming weeks.

“But it’s all about adapting. If I didn’t adapt, I wouldn’t be a very good musician, because in the music industry the ups and downs are very severe.”

Janet added: “I’m in the middle of the Christmas rush now, and I’ll just keep writing music.

“I love writing for other people, giving them the songs and seeing the life that they put into it. I’m a session singer and a vocal coach as well, so I’ll keep doing that too.”

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