Walkers warned to be alert after man discovers snare in park undergrowth

Walkers warned to be alert after man discovers snare in park undergrowth

By Mary Dennehy

WALKERS have been warned to stay out of overgrown areas along the Dodder after a snapped snare was discovered by a man and his dog, reports Mary Dennehy.

The snare was discovered on one of the walkways into Dodder Park from the Avonbeg-end of the Seskin View Road, beside the Partas building.


According to the resident: “I walk here every day with my two dogs and I always meet other people out walking and kids playing.

“I came across the snare because my dogs disappeared into the undergrowth and when I followed them to see where they had went, I found them digging up the snare – which had already snapped.

“Finding something like this in a public park is lethal and I think people that use the area should be made aware.” 
The Echo visited the spot with the resident on Wednesday, but the snare was gone.

Speaking to The Echo, Rosaleen Dwyer, South Dublin County Council’s heritage officer, said: “It’s important for the council to know if anything like this is spotted in public parks.

“Not only is it illegal, but we do not want kids, walkers or pets coming across a snare.

“We would encourage people to let us know and we can inform our parks department and contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service, which would have a role here.”

Contact South Dublin County Council on 4149000.



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