Women’s Aid looking for helpline volunteers

Women’s Aid looking for helpline volunteers

WOMEN’S AID are looking for volunteers for its 24hr national Freephone helpline. The next round of training starts in September.

The Helpline provides a listening ear, practical information and emotional support to women affected by domestic violence. 

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The organisation is looking for women, aged 18 and over to play a key role on the Helpline which supports those experiencing abuse in Ireland. 

The volunteers will join a team of committed and dynamic volunteers and develop an understanding of domestic violence through in-depth training and continued vital support while volunteering on the Helpline.

Linda Smith, Manager of the Women’s Aid National Freephone Helpline told The Echo: “Our Helpline volunteers are committed and dedicated women whose contribution to Women’s Aid is vital to the high quality support and information that Women’s Aid provides to those who ring our Helpline. 

“For many callers to the Helpline, the volunteer who answers the phone may be the first person they have told about their abuse. It may have taken years to finally speak about their experience.”

Emma, a volunteer on the helpline, says of her experience volunteering for Women’s Aid:“If a woman calls Women’s Aid, she knows that we will believe her straight away.

“We are not going to tell her what to do. If she wants options, we will give them to her, but it is her decision. 

“I gain far more than I give on the helpline. Far, far more. The women are just incredible. When you think that the objective of a perpetrator is to erode all of a woman’s self-esteem, to make her feel worthless. In the face of all that pressure most of us would be at our worst; these women somehow find the strength to do incredible things, so I’m just inspired by them.”

In-depth training is provided over an eight week period and ongoing mentoring and support is part of the Volunteer programme at Women’s Aid.

The deadline for applications is August 4 next and more information can be found at https://www.womensaid.ie/services/helpline/volunteer.html