‘You’re only as old as you feel, isn’t that right?’
Mary Keogh with her daughters Louise and Helen

‘You’re only as old as you feel, isn’t that right?’

KEEPING moving for as long as you can is the words of wisdom shared by May Keogh this week, who is celebrating turning 90.

However, the Tallaght resident was quick to tell The Echo this week that “you’re only as old as you feel, isn’t that right?”.

And that most certainly is right.

May, is a great character who is full of great stories, wise words, and will have anyone laughing within a few minutes of first talking to her.

Originally from Terenure, May comes from a family of eight children and moved into Colbert’s Fort as a new bride, to Mick Keogh, at the age of 22.

May and Mick went on to have three children and sadly Mick passed away in 1990.

She now has 13 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren – the youngest, Ada, was born only two days ago (May 31).

“When I first came to Tallaght, I walked up the road into Colbert’s Fort and I remember saying ‘there’s no way I’m staying here’,” she says with a laugh.

“Everyone had already raised their children and I was moving in as a new bride, and Tallaght was a very lonely place to be at the time because there was nothing here.

“I loved having plenty of people around me, being from Terenure.

“Slowly but surely Tallaght was built up around us here.

“I got the hang of it and now look, I’m still here!”

It was only 20-years-ago that the mother of three hung up her walking shoes after deciding to retire.

May has led a very active life and attributed her habits to helping her live such a long and prosperous life.

“I walked absolutely everywhere. I’d be over in the Roadstone playing pitch and putt, and there’s plenty of walking in that,” says May.

“I’d walk to Terenure and back everyday with work.

“I was working in John Noonan’s vet and when he died, I decided to retire at the age of 70.

“But I stopped walking when I retired and I have to say, it is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.

“You should never stop walking, keeping moving for as long as you can because it’s good for you, it clears the head.

“You just get lazy otherwise, especially with the cars,” she chuckles.

“I never drank or smoked.

“Well, I’d have a little drink at birthdays or Christmas, but I’m not a drinker, and I always ate very well.”

While May is not too quick to acknowledge turning the big 90, she was overjoyed to explain how much fun she had at the little shindig she had with her family.

“I have a birthday party every year,” May details.

“But I’ve had a few communions, I’m going to a few communions and I’ve a wedding coming up, so I just said I didn’t want to have a party.

“You never talk enough nowadays, it’s all go.

“So, I asked the kids and all the grandchildren to come over, and we had plenty of sandwiches and tea.

“We spoke about the old times, and I have to be honest, it was better than any birthday I’ve ever had.”

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